Tree of Igdrasil

  I too am aware of the trunk that stretches loathsomely back of me along the floor. I too am a many-visaged thing that has climbed upward out of the dark of endless leaf falls, and has slunk, furred, through the glitter of blue glacial nights. … [Read more]

Sacred Center

If I remember the sunflower forest it is because from its hidden reaches man arose. The green world is his sacred center. In moments of sanity he must still seek refuge there. - The Invisible Pyramid Image: Forest Wander | Flickr … [Read more]

Thistledown to New Worlds

"If I dream by contrast of the eventual drift of the star voyagers through the dilated time of the universe, it is because I have seen thistledown off to new worlds and am at heart a voyager who, in this modern time, still yearns for the lost country … [Read more]

Outer Freedom

". . . The great French medical scientist Claude Bernard [inventor of the expression milieu intérieur, or homeostasis] observed that the stability of the inside environment of complex organisms must be maintained before an outer freedom can be … [Read more]

Some Landscapes

"Some landscapes, one learns, refuse history; some efface it so completely it is never found; in others the thronging memories of the past subdue the living." The Invisible Pyramid (p. 120). Image Credit: John Holm | Flickr … [Read more]

Featured Prose

I am all that I have striven to describe of the strangest organism on the planet. I am one of the world eaters in the time when that species has despoiled the earth and is about to loose its spores into space. As an archaeologist I also know that our … [Read more]