Eiseley and Surrealism

In one essay, Eiseley imagines a scene around a question asked by a young student during an Eiseley lecture on evolution. Instead of the words, I hear a faint piping, and see an eager scholar's face squeezing and dissolving on the body of a … [Read more]

Featured Prose

I too am aware of the trunk that stretches loathsomely back of me along the floor. I too am a many-visaged thing that has climbed upward out of the dark of endless leaf falls, and has slunk, furred, through the glitter of blue glacial nights. I, the … [Read more]

How Flowers Changed the World

Earth Day, 2011 It was a short hop on the social network tree from James Fallows to the New America Foundation, and then to a 2006 NPR interview with Michael Lind on Eisley's Immense Journey essay on flowers. Lind was struck by Eiseley's essay "How … [Read more]